About IRB

An Institutional Review Board (IRB) plays a crucial role in ensuring research involving human participants' ethical and regulatory compliance. The primary responsibility of an IRB is to review and oversee research proposals to protect the rights, welfare, and safety of individuals who participate in the research. The Institutional Review Board at RLKUMC has the authority to approve, exempt, disapprove, monitor, and require modification in all research activities that fall within the jurisdiction as specified by the national ethics committee.


1. The Committee will prepare and revise guidelines for undertaking research on human subjects in Rashid Latif Khan University Medical College (RLKUMC), Lahore, and will follow guidelines recommended by the Pakistan National Ethics Committee.
2. The Committee will advise the Rashid Latif Khan University Medical College and all other entities seeking its advice on all matters pertaining to bioethical issues.
3. The Committee shall review proposals submitted to it regarding human-related research to be undertaken in Pakistan.
4. The Committee may seek further help from the Pakistan Medical and Research Council (PMRC) National Research Ethics Committee and Pakistan Medical & Dental Council on matters relating to education and training in bioethical issues.
5. The Committee shall investigate allegations of scientific misconduct in research, referred to it, and make subsequent recommendations in respect thereof.