Recent Publications


Articles of Dr Faeza Rauf

1. Rauf F, Batool A, Zaheer A, Ahmed HS, Hussain A & Nazeer H. Protective effect of ajwa fruit extract on weight of liver of albino rats against hepatotoxicity induced by nicotine. Esculapio. 2022; 18(01): 56-59
2. Batool A, Fatima M, Doggar S, Rauf F, Samina M, Inam F & Iqbal S. Morphometry of Foramen Magnum: An Anatomical Study. Esculapio. 2022;36(2): 14-18
3. Ahmed HS, Inam F, Siddique A, Rauf F, Nasreen S, Fatima S. Protective effect of Aqueous Garlic Extract on Monosodium Glutamate Induced Toxicity on Johnson's Scoring of Infertility in Adult Wistar Rats. Esculapio - JSIMS 2022;18(04):248-252
4. Zulfiqar H, Suhail M, Rehman A, Waseem A, Rauf F & Ahmed HS. Emblica officinalis Reduces Copper Mediated Inflammation And Preserves Liver Morphology InThe Murine Model. Proceedings. 37(3): 28-33


Articles of Dr Farhana Bhatti

1. Bhatti FY, Kausar R, Malik M, Siddiqui AH, Chiragh S. Effect of Phoenix dactylifera (Ajwa date) seed powder on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in high fat fed rat. RMJ. (2022);47(2): 490-493


Articles of Dr Farzana Faiz

1. Amin U, Rana M, Faiz F, Saleem Z, Aslam S. Prevalence and factors of Sunscreen Use in Medical and Paramedical Students : A Cross-Sectional Study in Punjab, Pakistan. J Pak Assoc Dermatol [Internet]. 2023Aug.7 [cited 2023Aug.8];33(3):972-9. Available from:


Articles of Dr Hira Tariq

1. A retrospective analysis on Prevalence of Multiple Myeloma in Young patients with presentation of Backache. PJMHS Volume 17, No 02, 2023.
2. White blood count and inflammatory markers in the patients with COVID-19 infection and severity of illness. TPMJ Vol. 29, No 12 (2022)


Articles of Dr. Jamil Ahmed

1. Ahmed J, Wong LP, Channa N, Ahmed W, Chua YP, Shaikh MZ. Arsenic contamination and potential health risk to primary school children through drinking water sources. Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: An International Journal. 2023 Feb 7;29(2):369-89.
2. Saeed U, Imran Z, Ahmed J, Saeed S, Mahmood F, Rizwan M. Plasma Vitamin D Trends Across Various Age Groups In The Cosmopolitan City Of Pakistan. Journal of Peoples University of Medical & Health Sciences Nawab shah. (JPUMHS). 2023 Jun 30;13(2):177-83.

Articles of Dr. Muhammad Irfan

1. Qureshi AR, Irfan M, Bilal H, Sajid M, Ashraf Z. Ultrasound Guided Complete Thoracentesis, Precluding Residual Pleural Thickening in Pleural Tuberculosis: A Case-Control Study Proceedings S.Z.M.C.Vol:37(2):pp.42-49,2023.PSZMC-885-37-2-2023
2. Qureshi AR, Irfan M, Bilal H. “Kartagener’s Syndrome with Focal Bronchiectasis! Masquerading with Pneumonia, Bronchial Asthma and Cardiac Issues: A Unique Case”. EC Clinical and Medical Case Reports 5.6 (2022): 17-23.
3. Irfan, M., Qureshi, E., & Qureshi, A. (2022). Identification of bacterial isolates and clinical profile in slow resolving pneumonia in patients attending tertiary care hospital, Lahore. Asian Journal of Allied Health Sciences (AJAHS), 7(1).


Articles of Dr. Shafqat Huma

1. Qasim MF, Kamal MA, Huma S, Khan FA, Naveen N. Predictors of Full Recovery in Patients with Early-Stage Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders. Pak. J. Med. Health Sciences. 2023;17(1):599-601.
2. Huma S, Qasim MF, Kamal MA, Khan FA, Naveen N. Frustration Intolerance, Self-Efficacy and Sleep Quality in Medical Students During Pandemic of Covid-19. Pak. J. Med. Health Sciences. 2023;17(1):604-605.
3. Farooq R, Jawad U, Mehdi M, Malik M, Khan AU, Huma S. Attribution and Health Seeking Behavior of Family Members towards Conversion (Dissociative) Disorders. Pak. J. Med. Health Sciences. 2022;16(11):605-607.
4. Farooq R, Khan T, Mehdi M, Jawad U, Huma S, Malik M. Medication Non-Compliance in Patients with Schizophrenia Due To Familial, Environmental and Socio-Cultural Factors. Pak. J. Med. Health Sciences. 2022;16(11):608-610.
5. Kamal MA, Huma S, Qasim MF, Khan FA, Naveen N, Soomro ZA. Challenges Faced by Psychiatry Trainees During Residency in Pakistan. Pak. J. Med. Health Sciences. 2022;16(10):575-577.
6. Ali Y, Huma S, Dilshad N, Ullah I, Khalid M, Watt J, Khan Z, Gul F, Farooq H, Khan MI. Causes and Outcome of Children with Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding (LGIB) Presenting at Tertiary Care Hospital. Pak. J. Med. Health Sciences. 2022;16(7):575-578.
7. Khan MS, Farooq R, Afsar S, Qasim MF, Huma S, Hotiana UA. Depression among Patients with Diabetes Mellitus: Associated Factors and its Prevalence. Pak. J. Med. Health Sciences. 2022;16(5):1141-1143.
8. Amin M, Sardar J, Nadeem M, Huma S, Gulzar M, Rasheed M, Khan MI. Frequency of Vitamin B12 Deficiency Amongst Elderly Patients Presenting with Dementia. Pak. J. Med. Health Sciences. 2022;16(6):705-706.
9. Hamid H, Khan IA, Huma S, Khan MN, Khan MI, Salman M, Ali Y, Rahman I. Frequency of Cardiovascular Problems in Patients with Benign Prostate Enlargement. Pak. J. Med. Health Sciences. 2022;16(6):748-750.