Rashid Latif Khan University Medical College- Library

The Rashid Latif Khan University Medical College library is pleased to welcome its users. It serves as an important resource for students, faculty, and researchers, offering access to the latest and most relevant medical literature and information. The library's collection includes various materials such as books, journals, e-books, and online databases, along with interlibrary loan and research assistance services, to assist users in obtaining the information they require.

Additionally, the library provides electronic resources such as full-text journals, HEC digital library and databases to keep students and faculty up-to-date with the newest advancements in their areas of study. The library strives to be an inclusive and welcoming space for all students, faculty, and staff members and is committed to supporting their studies and research.


Here are some features of the library: it has a sitting capacity of 200 people, 100 desktop computers, and receives two English and two Urdu newspapers on a daily basis. There are three librarians on staff, and the library contains 2,200 books. Furthermore, the library offers a subject-wise list of books and provides access to the HEC digital library and Rashid Latif Khan University Digital Library.
HEC Digital Library: http://www.digitallibrary.edu.pk/rlku.html

List of Library Books

List of Library Books: List of Library Books


  • Name of SubjectNo. of Books
  • Biochemistry 90
  • Anesthesia 42
  • ENT 46
  • Forensic 56
  • Gynecology & Obstetric 153
  • Histology 73
  • Anatomy 317
  • Islamiyat 67
  • Microbiology 24
  • Ophthalmology 75
  • Pediatrician 129
  • Pathophysiology 31
  • Pharmacology 125
  • Physiology 138
  • Psychiatry 20
  • Community Medicine 91
  • Radiology 19
  • Medicine 219
  • Surgery 156
  • Miscellaneous Books 238
  • Open Access to International Journals 12
  • Pathology 114