Why Choose Rashid Latif Khan University Medical College?

The medical profession is one of the most respected and rewarding careers you can pursue. As a doctor or healthcare professional, you have the opportunity to make a profound impact on people's lives, providing compassionate care and innovative treatments that can save lives and improve health outcomes. However, pursuing a career in medicine is not easy. It requires a strong commitment to lifelong learning, dedication to your patients, and a willingness to work hard to achieve your goals.
Rashid Latif Khan University Medical College is a new college, but we have over 35 years’ experience of providing healthcare and education services. We understand the importance of a quality education in preparing you for a successful career in medicine. That's why we offer an unparalleled educational experience that will help you develop the knowledge, skills, and experience you need to excel in your chosen field.
Our state-of-the-art, purpose-built campus is designed to provide you with the best possible learning environment. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology and equipment, allowing you to gain hands-on experience with the tools and techniques used in modern medicine.
If you want to start your journey to succeed as a medical professional, our college provides the perfect environment for achieving your goals. Our commitment to excellence is evident in everything we do, from our rigorous academic standards to our personalized mentoring and support services. We believe in providing our students with a well-rounded education that includes both classroom learning and practical experience. That's why we offer a range of clinical and research opportunities that allow you to apply what you've learned in the classroom to real-world situations.
Choosing the right medical college is critical to your success as a medical professional. At Rashid Latif Khan University Medical College, we're confident that we can provide you with the education, resources, and support you need to achieve your goals. Whether you're interested in evidence based clinical practice or research, our college can help you develop the skills and experience you need to excel in your chosen field.

So why choose Rashid Latif Khan University Medical College?

“Because we're committed to helping you succeed and making a difference in the world”.

Lecture theatres

There are five lectures’ theatres, each with 170 seating capacity and 2600sq ft area. The lecture halls are air conditioned and well equipped with the latest multi medias and audio-visual aids along with technical staff for smooth running of the lectures.


The college campus has the following labs which are all well equipped with the latest instruments and machines required for the practical work.
Physiology Lab
Biochemistry Lab
Histology Lab
Pharmacology Lab
Pathology Lab
Community Medicine Lab

Dissection Hall

A large dissection hall over an area of 2700 sq ft is available in the Anatomy department where students perform dissection over cadavers for better learning of the subject.


The college has three Museums that are present in Anatomy, Forensic Medicine and Pathology departments where subject related models and specimens are displayed for better learning of the students.


Rashid Latif Khan University Medical College auditorium! With a seating capacity of 750, our auditorium is the perfect venue for a wide range of events, including conferences, lectures, and performances. Our state-of-the-art auditorium features comfortable seating, excellent acoustics, and a variety of modern amenities, including high-quality audio and visual equipment. Whether you are hosting a professional conference, a educational lecture, or a cultural performance, our auditorium is the perfect space to accommodate your needs. We look forward to welcoming you and your guests to our medical college auditorium.

Conference Room

The college has a well-designed conference room that fosters easy collaboration with the help of the latest multimedia. All the important meetings are held there.

Demonstration Rooms

There are six demo rooms (two on each floor) where 50 students can be accommodated at a time in each one of them. The demonstration rooms are equipped with the latest audio-visual tools for effective teaching.

Day care Centre

Welcome to the Rashid Latif Khan University Medical College Daycare Center, an integral part of our commitment to supporting the diverse needs of our academic community. We recognize students' and staff's challenges in balancing their educational and family responsibilities. Our daycare center serves as a nest where the children of our students and faculty can thrive in a secure and comfortable environment. At Rashid Latif Khan University Medical College Daycare Center, we prioritize the well-being and development of every child. They create a nurturing atmosphere encourages curiosity, creativity, and social interaction. With modern, child-friendly facilities, we ensure each child receives personalized attention and engages in activities promoting holistic growth. Parents can confidently embark on their academic pursuits, knowing that their children are in capable hands. We believe a supportive community is the foundation for individual success, and our daycare center is a testament to this belief. It is a place where education and family coexist seamlessly, fostering mutual growth and empowerment. We invite you to explore our facilities and experience firsthand the harmonious blend of learning, care, and community at RLKU Medical College Daycare Center.

Skills Lab

Welcome to the state-of-the-art Skills Lab at Rashid Latif Khan University Medical College, Lahore. Our lab is designed to provide students with a safe and controlled environment to acquire essential clinical skills vital for their medical journey. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and supervised by experienced faculty, the Skills Lab offers a hands-on learning experience that bridges the gap between theory and practice. Students gain confidence and proficiency before transitioning to real-life patient interactions in the hospital setting. We are committed to ensuring that every student's clinical experience is not only educational but also enriching, preparing them to excel in their medical careers. Explore our modern facilities and unlock the potential to become a skilled and compassionate healthcare professional.

Indoor Games

Students and faculty can play indoor games like table tennis within the campus to maintain a healthy body for a healthy mind.

Research Cell

The college promotes research culture and students are engaged in research projects right from the first year. Research cell provides all the guidance and support regarding research by highly qualified faculty members, statistician, and support staff.


A cafeteria is built within the college campus where healthy refreshments are available for the students all the time.

Small Group Discussion Rooms

Small group discussion rooms with 50 seating capacity and 570 sq ft area are present in every department.


Air-conditioned buses are available for the students for a safe and easy commute.

Common rooms

Common rooms have been made for girls and boys separately where they can relax.

Attached Hospital

Hameed Latif Hospital & Hameed Lateef Teaching Hospital are the attached hospitals with the college where students go and learn clinical aspects of various diseases from highly trained clinical faculty.

Professional faculty

Rashid Latif Khan University Medical College aims at producing excellent doctors and to achieve that goal the college has the best faculty in each subject with proficient expertise in their respective subjects. We have PhD doctors and Professors who are involved in academic advising and counselling of the students, participation in research and scholarly activities. Besides academics, there is active participation and leadership of the faculty in extracurricular activities of the students like various clubs and committees.

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